Career path for Business analyst

Career path for Business analyst

by admin April 17, 2019

Before delving into the topic of the potential career path for a Business analyst, we must define what it is in the simplest of terms. By resisting the urge to get too academic a Business Analyst is someone who performs the business analysis activities, regardless of what their job title or organizational role is.

Much has been said about a Business Analyst career path, but little has been said about how to move from a BA career path to the next level career position. Career path for Business analyst has been unclear, this is merely due to the variety of job opportunities given to experience Business Analysts.

As far as a Career path for a Business analyst is concerned, the sky is the limit. However, after working as a business analyst, this article provides a list of Business analyst career path that one can logically look forward to:

Consultant/SME (Subject Matter Expert):

You should be a specialist in your particular domain/technology to become a consultant / SME (Subject Matter Expert). This BA career path best suited for someone who has a specific interest in a domain/technology and does not want to be a jack of all but a master of one.

Business Architect:

If Organizational information integration is your passion, then the position of a Business solution architect is for you. Being a Business Architect, you would need to understand the link between the different systems and then be responsible for approving/dismissing/suggesting technical system changes. This career path for Business Analyst is a rather a mouthful and growing industry profession but a very rewarding BA career path. It’s for the people who want to take a big picture view and increase business efficiency and streamline business operations in an integrated manner.

Bonus Tips to Land a Business architect job:

Make sure your organization has a role for a Business architect and ideally it should be more than one. Don’t just limit yourself to research for a Business architect role, but also search for positions such as Enterprise Architect or Strategy analyst as an alternative. This BA career path is relatively unknown but the demand for it is gradually increasing and therefore widespread.

Career Business Analyst:

This Career path for Business analyst fits people who love the rush they get from a new project’s environment and who feel the urge to solve increasingly complex business issues. The fundamental nature of this job allows career path for business analyst simply to become a professional business analyst. It’s because the profession is entirely made up of a set of highly specialized skills that can be successfully implemented in any industry and subject area.

Business Analysis Manager:

The Business Analyst, who relishes a varied and interesting role with resource planning, will thrive in this career path for Business Analyst; a Business analysis  Practice Manager to manage people with line management activities. However, this option for BA Career Path will take you away from the daily application of practical business analysis techniques. So be fully prepared to be a consultant, mentor, and line manager when you’re working to become the Business Analysis Practice Manager.

Relationship Manager:

One of a business analyst’s foundation behavioral skills is the ability to develop strong stakeholder relationships across their roles within the life cycle of the system development. It makes Relationship Manager the perfect career path for a business analyst who wants to venture off into another specialist in the corporate world and advance to the next level. If you’re passionate about communication and relationship building, then focus your career path in that direction.

With such a great career path for Business Analyst, it’s fair to say that BA’s have many alternatives to strive for in terms of their Business analyst career path. As a business analyst, learning about as many BA Career Path options as possible and then setting specific career goals for achieving them is important.

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