QA Manual Testing

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About Manual QA Testing Training Program

In this manually testing phase, the tester physically executes all the issues without using any tools. We are offering course Manual Quality Analyst Training in California with proper certification, which will guide the students about QA manual testing which is very easy to learn. Our fully skilled and professional teachers will teach about testing concepts, test estimations, test plan, test summary, test reporting and much more. All of these concepts will be explained under the guidance of our superlative teachers.

Who should take up this Manual QA Testing training Certification Program?

  • Fresh graduates students
  • Undergraduates students who want to polish their skills is software testing
  • Unexperienced people also can apply, if they want to peruse a good position in their career.
  • Software analyst, project manager also can apply to polish their skills as QA manual tester.

What are the prerequisites for taking up the Manual QA Testing Training Program?

There are no prerequisites for this Manual QA testing training course but having basic knowledge of computer and software applications like MS Word / Excel or any programming languages like Python, Java etc. is helpful for this testing course.

What will you learn in our program Manual QA Testing Training?

The students who are joining our program QA Training in California will learn a lot of things related to this course. This course will help them in software testing a lot. It is the basic necessity for providing testing services. The main topics which we will cover in this course are the following.

Software Testing Life Cycle:

In this case, our students will learn the basics of software testing life cycle. This topic will cover many subtopics, which are the basics of QA manual testing. This life cycle has various steps will you learn after enrolling for this course.

Test Case Preparation:

In this portion, the students will learn how to prepare the test case for the problems which are rising upwards in the software. Every software has different and unique issues. Which can be resolved only by preparing a test case according to the problems.

Test Management:

In this instance, you will learn how the whole team is set up for test management. This team manages all the members, who are working on the testing phase. Every report on the testing phase of the projects is under this management.

Test Plan Preparation:

In this, all students will be learning about documentation, which is there to describe testing opportunity. It is the basics of formal testing of any software/products. This document carries all the significant details of the projects.

Test Summary Reports:

It is also a document based forum, in which there is a report of a project containing all its information, activities, issues all of the details are in this report.

Black Box Testing:

In this phase the students will learn about final testing execution, black box testing is a technique in which the testing phase is in function and giving accurate output in the form of solutions. This black box testing can be applied to every step of the project/software to get authentic solutions easily.

There are many other topics also, which will be cover in this course in every detail. Our courses are genuinely certified. Every student will be lucky to get a certificate from us.