SAP Business Intelligence Analyst

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About SAP Business Intelligence Analyst Training Course

We offer a training course for SAP Business Analyst in which a person is qualified under one roof to achieve all business strategies. With SAP Business Intelligence analyst training from our institute BA Training California, You and your team will learn to interpret the data you need to make business decisions promptly. Our courses cover all key aspects of the SAP Business Intelligence domain such as Business Intelligence methodologies, strategies and techniques, SAP application, SAP BI tools, SAP architecture, SAP BI platforms, Analysis, Crystal Reports, Dashboards, and Live Office etc.

As part of this intensive training, you will actually work on real-time projects and assignments that have huge implications in the scenarios of the real – world industry, thus helping you to quickly track your professional career effortlessly.

Who should take up this SAP Business Analyst Certification Program?

  • Business Intelligence, Technical SAP and OLAP consultants and professionals of data warehousing.
  • Software analysts, project managers, and mainframe professionals.
  • Fresh graduates seeking an SAP BI career.

What are the prerequisites for taking up the SAP BI training course?

Without the need for any specific skill sets, anyone can take this course. but it will be helpful or advantageous for this training to have a basic knowledge of SQL.

What will you learn in this SAP BI Course?

The outline of the SAP BI training Program should cover the following topics.

Overview of SAP:

In this course, You’ll learn about all the basics startup of SAP business intelligence training. This overview part will help the individual understand the SAP basis.

The architecture of SAP:

Introduction to SAP, SAP architecture, understanding SAP BI landscape, understanding SAP BI / BW, an overview of SAP BW Works, description of BW work model, understanding PSA data sources, a process of data transfer, character and key figure model.

Components of SAP BI:

  • Data Warehousing:

    The information is stored as

    • Data Store Objects, InfoObjects and InfoCubes
  • BI Platform

    (extracting, transforming, loading layer )

  • BI Suite: Business Explorer

    Development technologies, Java SDK, Open Analysis Interfaces and API of Web Design

Business System Arranging of SAP:

In this learning phase, the student gets familiar with the necessary steps of organizing system in the business; they’ve been told about the basic steps that business can easily grow through.

Reporting and Analysis:

In this slice, all the scenario and techniques for documentation will be completed. In this portion, each step of the project will be documented.

Creating Tables and Charts:

In this phase, our teachers are going to teach you the other form of documentation. In this type, all the documentation is recorded in the form of graphs, charts, maps, and other graphical representation.

Concepts of BO crystals Reports:

In this course, all the concepts related to crystal report are maintained. Crystal report is the tool in which designing of the report is explained very briefly.

Fetching of Data:

In this part, the student will learn how data is fetched from many other resources to organize the business data into a more reliable form.