Role of a Business analyst in different industries

Role of a Business analyst in different industries

by admin April 19, 2019

The business analyst is a very demandable role in today’s business. BA has a keen eye to concentrate and understand business problems and suggest a better solution to solve business issues. They completely understand the business scope, behavior and strategies to run the new product development in any industry as well as existing product for renewing.

Every industry runs on business principles and they have to need strategic resources related to business background. Communications, time management, documentation, presentation, and techniques are those business analyst skills which is mandatory for BA in every business domain. There are some important professions who used business strategic resources.

In Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry:

Pharma and healthcare industry is very complex and critical in today’s business. They interact directly human or animal health and life. Business analyst played a vital role in both industries. Analyze and maintain secondary market data, creating metrics to determine the performance of a therapeutic class. Managed care contracts, logistics, and retail sales from a daily perspective. Research vendor data projection procedure and applying your objectives.

Partner with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) to support any reporting. Up to date current global pharmaceutical business and identify any factors to improve policies. Approaching Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) approvals for implement in industry. Other words the pharma and healthcare business analyst are more responsible for business process analyst in hospitalization and medical science.

In E-Commerce:

We know that BA is responsible to understand business change needs, the impact of business changes, analyses, and document requirement. Also support the communication and delivery of requirements between operations, business stakeholders and IT teams. The e-commerce industry is played a vital role in the retail business. Because it is faster than traditional sales and purchases through its features and functionalities.

The Common role of BA in e-commerce is creating detail specification for all e-commerce sites and campaigns, Development to operations (DevOps) concepts is very important for the e-commerce industry to enhance continues application integration, continuous testing, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring. Because it does not surprise for that Amazon rolls out a new feature every 11 seconds, prepare business documentation for all e-commerce business methodologies and analysis all site traffic to suggest and recommend potential marketing plans and programs and search engine marketing activities, provide creative ideas to evaluate for consumers, identify roadblocks for customers in the checkout process and suggest solution to improve issues, develop strategies to growth sales and marketing through business development analyst policies and fundamentals. There are more responsibilities in the e-commerce domain but the following task is most important to doing BA role in this industry.

In the IT industry and Software Company:

Information technology is the most popular in today’s business. Because the major reason is it’s connected and coordinate to other technical and non-technical industry. Sometimes business analyst plays a role as a technical business analyst or business technology analyst. Often Business Analyst works with a project manager to improve the efficiency of software and IT project.

The most important role of BA in IT industry is initiating the project, gather information and requirement towards clients, document requirement specification, held meetings with stakeholder, marketing and presales team from the client side to convey the objectives to what exactly is the product and project needed. Once BA held the completion of a meeting he should be making the technical proposal of the IT solution, BA work with system analyst and Quality analyst and make schedule time, budgeting, checkpoint, milestone throughout product or project. It’s not enough but typically used on a daily basis for the analyst role.


In another industry example mechanical, chemical, textile, electronics, mechatronics, avionics and much more are considered too important but business analyst in above define industry work as a backbone and valuable. IT industry gives the opportunity for business analyst entry level position and also provide on the job training for those people who search for business analyst jobs entry level. They also provide learning and career growth throughout the company’s policy.

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